An increase in sperms will allow men to have more enjoyment during their intercourse. This is because of the reason that more sperm production will result in faster recovery in between ejaculations which will in turn help them to enjoy sex more.

There are several ways to increase sperm volume. Firstly you need to take in healthy and rich food. Food you take should be rich in proteins and vitamins. One should avoid consumption of fast food because it is really harmful in this case. Fruits are mainly recommended to increase sperm volume because they are rich in proteins and vitamins.

You also need to take in the right amount of water because semen is mainly a seminal fluid and taking in lots of water will help you to keep yourself hydrated thus more sperm volume will be produced. An added advantage of consuming natural semen enhancers is that they are available abundantly.

You must eat food which is low in fat and high in protein. Olives, wheat, beans, nuts etc. should be consumed at a regular basis which will aid the process of sperm production. As we know that obesity is not good at all and in the case of sperm production too it affects a lot. Therefore one should exercise regularly to reduce the weight and thereby increase sperm volume.

Taking in fresh air is also really important for greater sperm production so one should engage himself for a walk early in the morning each day. This should help a lot. The man should be free from any kind of tensions and stresses. If you are feeling stressed and low then it greatly affects the quality and the quantity of the sperms produced. Therefore you need a relaxing massage or you need to practice meditation to relax your body and mind in case you need to increase sperm volume.

Smoking, drinking and stress should be strictly avoided if you want to increase sperm volume. Consumption of herbs like ashwagandha, guduchi, Spirulina etc. can benefit you big time.

One can also practice yoga to tackle the situation of stress. The usage of organic products is recommended because inorganic products are harmful and slow down the production of sperms. Therefore one should not use deodorants and perfumes that are synthetic because they cause a lot of damage. Also one should avoid taking dairy products like milk, butter, curd etc because they are rich in fats and also have hormones in them.

You have to avoid wearing tight jeans to allow the testicles some space. One must also avoid driving a bike just for the same reason. Consumption of natural herbs can also be thought of as a solution but only some people will agree to me on this as a solution. Supplements can have some sort of side effect however if the supplements are herbal based then you will take in minerals and vitamins regularly through these.

Thus increasing your sperm volume will not only allow you to have more fun during the intercourse but will also help you to develop a strong orgasm, and will increase your fertility thereby increasing your chances of having a baby with your girl.