The ability to cum more does not come naturally given that an average male only ejaculate a spoonful of cum when he ejaculates.  And the volume of semen decreases with the frequency of ejaculation. How then does a person train the body to ejaculate more? After all, movie stars like Peter North shoot a much higher volume of ejaculate or sperm than your average male.

Quite frankly, if you want to increase cum volume more, then the only way to do it is to use supplements such as Volume pills or semenax pills.  They are all natural herbal pills made of precisely mixing the various ingredients which kick your testes into high gear and start producing cum. Although there are several brands on the market, these two are by far the most popular. The reason for their popularity is that they are clinically tested and proved to increase sperm volume by up to 500% thus allowing you to cum more. In my personal experience I noticed a increase in sperm of about 400%, which is huge.

How to ejaculate more sperm every time you cum?

There are two main techniques to improving semen volume, one is to do PC exercises, and the other is to take certain herbal supplements.

The herbal supplements that you should use for this purpose should consists of L-Arginine ; L-Lysine; Veromax; Biloba Leaf; Saw Palmetto Ginseng and some other supplements.

A good source for all these ingredients is Semenax at GNC. These are like a vitamin for penis health, they work great! When you buy the Semenax pills you get a guide to PC exercises with your purchase for free. The PC exercises are pretty simple and proven effective.

The two together will increase your semen volume, and sperm count. The results are pretty impressive, and they will do a lot more than just allow you to do a neat trick. This is the best solution I have found to penis enhancement so far.

Who Uses These Pills and Why?

These pills are used by thousands of men between the ages of 20 years old and 50 years old. Just as there are large variations in age of these men there is also a huge variation in their reason for using male ejaculation volume enhancers. For example younger men want to ejaculate more to impress their female partner to show her that they are dominant and very fertile. It’s amazing how women can unconsciously be turned off from a man who does not ejaculate adequately. This signals to them that a man is not dominant and fertile, therefore not a suitable mate. Thus thousands of younger men use sperm volume pills to attract and retain their mate.

Older men, guys in their late thirties to early fifties use male ejaculate volume enhancers to impregnate their mate. The number of men who cannot impregnate their woman due to low sperm count is astonishing and some of the reasons for this include pollution and various environmental factors. Majority of these men have turned to all natural solutions such as these to help increase cum volume and help their partner conceive successfully.

The one reason which is common among both groups of men other than to ejaculate more is the increase sexual satisfaction. Studies have shown that the greater the sperm volume men ejaculate, the greater the intensity of the male orgasm. Not only is this satisfying for men, many women are also turned on by the view that they anticipate engaging in sexual encounters with men who cum more than the average guy.

Why Semenax is the best sperm volume enhancer?

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a product to increase sperm volume you ejaculate. Here are some benefits of taking Semenax:

Aside from helping you to produce and ejaculate more sperm, this natural, uniquely versatile supplement also helps you to:

  • Ejaculate more powerfully
  • Attain rock hard, solid erections
  • Boost your potency, virility and stamina
  • Intensified, lasting orgasms – for you and your partner
  • Increase sperm motility by 250% in 2 weeks
  • Ejaculate 5 times further

Semenax tackles the issue of semen production from the inside – by boosting your body’s own natural nutrient reserve.

And produced solely using 100% natural ingredients, this non-prescriptive dual action system is safe for long term use. There are no negative side effects.

How Do I Do It?

I agrees with the product benefits listed above. Semenax is the best choice all around. I highly recommend it if you really want to cum like a porm star.